Rust Solo

Stop playing, start surviving

Surviving solo in Rust is the ultimate test of will. With no teammates to back you up, every decision you make can have a heavy impact on how you reach your endgame.

Our Rust servers are set up specifically for solo players - our plugins were chosen to improve early game flow, helping you get a base down and get you into the action as quickly as possible.

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The Lone Wolf lifestyle

We think Rust is great as it is but feel it leans more towards team play - to make progression as a solo a bit more fluid on our servers, we’ve made a few quality of life changes.

Increased gather rates

We’ve buffed the gather rates so you don’t spend all day harvesting nodes for a base - nothing crazy, just enough to give you a quicker start.

Larger stacks on storage

Running out of room in your base is a pain, so we’ve doubled storage in Chests and various other deployables to help you keep organised.

3 hour demolish & rotate

It’s fine to change your mind when building on our servers, you get a three hour window to demolish or rotate building blocks you’ve placed.

slower base decay

No-one wants to spend all their time farming for base upkeep - to save you the hassle we’ve set decay to half of vanilla servers.

Power source output doubled

Power sources such as Windmills, Small Generators & Solar Panels have double the power output on our servers - so you can do more, with less.

Basic blueprints unlocked

Some things just shouldn’t need a degree in Rocket Science to make, like shelves - they’re a collection of flat surfaces on vertical supports, unlocked.

no decay on basic transport

As long as there is at least one fuel in your Minicopter or Motor Rowboat, it won’t decay - however, it’s on you to remember to put more fuel in before you try and go anywhere!

More crates from Huey

To make the risk of taking Huey extra worthwhile, we’ve set our servers up so he drops six Green Crates instead of four.

RF alerts for events

Stay in the loop with the handy RF frequencies - 4760 for Huey, 4770 for Bradley & 4780 for Cargoship.

Custom Bradley spawns

Bradley features on every one of our custom maps, but he might not be where you're expecting him - keep your wits about you or risk a big shock!

Random Chinook drops

Quite often on small maps the timed crate ends up at the same monument every time - our servers are set up so the Chinook will drop anywhere on the map.

Keep it friendly

These are PvP servers, so expect killing & raiding and maybe some salty banter - what we don’t tolerate is racism, cheating, sexism or doxing.

Connect now

We have solo Rust servers in North America and the UK & Europe, simply connect to the one closest to where you live.

You can also search for our servers in game, just search for '' in Modded.

Why play on our servers...?

We use high-performance dedicated servers hosted by SYS in North America and OVH in the UK & Europe - our game instances use LinuxGSM and are set up to be as automated as possible.

Custom map rotation

We run a collection of small custom maps in rotation on our servers - these maps feature a selection of your favourite monuments and some custom ones too.

Fast dedicated Servers

We run our own gaming servers in North America and in the UK & Europe - these high spec machines were custom designed and run on fast DDoS protected networks.

Scheduled wipes

We do an automated map wipe of our solo servers every first & third Thursday of the month - blueprints wipe every two months.

Automated restarts

Our Rust servers will automatically restart when the last person logs out - no scheduled restarts in the middle of your game time.

Custom maps for solo servers

All of our custom maps were created specifically for solo servers and are provided by Rust Prefabs. These small 2750 metre maps offer lots of space to build and a sensible selection of monuments to loot.

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